Monday, April 02, 2007

Let the Nesting Begin

I found 5 powder-blue colored bluebird eggs in my box today! Not sure when the clutch began so it will be hard for me to determine the hatch date. Bluebird eggs are laid one per day until the clutch is complete- a total of 4-7 eggs. This is followed by 12-14 days of incubation. Egg laying at times can be delayed if inclement weather persists, if food is scarce or if the parents are young. Since incubation doesn't begin until all eggs are laid I'm thinking I have a completed clutch because when I opened the box the female was sitting atop the eggs. I also checked the box I placed on my neighbors property and found one egg in it. This means it was laid today, which will help in determining the hatch date here. I'm very fortunate to have nesting bluebirds in both boxes so soon. Also it looks like the soap did the trick because I found no more wasp nests.

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