Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mockingbird Nest

While relaxing in our yard my wife noticed an adult mockingbird enter the thickness of a jasmine vine we have growing on our fence. I walked over and peered into the mass and found a small nest containing 3 blue eggs with brown spots. The nest was concealed pretty well and we would’ve never known it was there had she not been paying attention.

A few days later I returned to find that two of the three eggs had hatched revealing two fuzzy nestlings. As with most nestlings as soon as they became aware of my presence their mouths opened. The adults are naturally very attentive making sure that nothing, including other mockingbirds, get anywhere near their nest. I was fortunate to be able to get these photos while they were out gathering food and avoided being attacked by them.

The picture below that was taken 10 days later- note how fast they’ve developed. Their body is now covered with down and their wing feathers have begun growing from their translucent sheaths. I had to get this picture rather quickly due to the fact that both parents were perched in a tree right above me and about to introduce me to there pointy beaks.

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