Monday, August 18, 2008

Bigfoot Corpse Found???

I’m sure most of you heard of the acclaimed discovery of a supposed Bigfoot corpse in northern Georgia. I was very excited when I first heard of this because it has always been said that the only true surefire way to prove the hairy guy’s existence would be from the finding of a corpse. If this were true it would be one of the most extraordinary discoveries of the century. I watched the interview of the individuals who were responsible for the find and they did seem to be convincing. But then again I was very skeptical. After all, the photo provided by the two showed what appeared to be a gorilla costume in an ice chest. They also claim to have video of several other Bigfeet or Bigfoots watching them from a distance as they loaded up their deceased compadre. Tissue samples were sent in for DNA analysis and results were reported to be from two sources. One was found to be human and the other that of an opossum. Naturally someone stated that the DNA samples may have been improperly collected. An autopsy is to follow, but even then I have a good feeling that this is all, disappointingly, going to turn out to be just another hoax. Hopefully I’m wrong.

To see the interview go to this website:

To read about the DNA results go here:

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