Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Hello Kitty

Wow.......what else is there to say. A powerful photo captured by a hunter's game camera, which is, I'm sure, not what the hunter expected. This opportunistic feline either just happened upon this deer when it was at the feeder, or through past observations began to put two and two together and made a connection between that "big box" and food. The same way a bird connects with a birdfeeder, or a bear with a trash can. Cougars are ambush hunters and usually attack from the rear going for the throat. Once this is attained its powerful jaws hang on until the deer suffocates. In the beginning this photo was consider by many as a fake, but if you look at one of the other photos taken you'll see the drag marks in the sand. Will the big cat come back for more? It would be wise not to, because the next time it could find itself in the hunter's sights......gun sights that is.

While doing a little mining on the net I came across an extraordinary video of a cougar taking a white-tail deer. Be forewarned their is a bit of "colorful" language by the videographers.

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