Thursday, July 05, 2007

Gone to Idaho

Just wanted to put a little note in here notifying everyone that from July 6th-13th I will be going to Idaho to attend an Earthwatch project called Wildlife Trails of the American West. Here's a brief description about the project I got off of Earthwatch's website:
"Human expansion and development have made ours a fragmented world, isolating wildlife species and threatening their survival. In 1987, conservation biologist Dr. Bill Newmark discovered that even U.S. national parks aren't large enough to sustain some mammal species. Wildlife corridors are a logical solution, but designing a corridor that animals will actually use requires understanding why and where an animal moves and how it uses available resources. The closest thing to actually getting inside an animal's head is examining wildlife trails, which provide a cumulative history of animal movement. That's precisely what Newmark and Dr. Eric Rickart are doing with Earthwatch teams in magnificent mountain landscapes of the American West." If you would like to read more about it click on the link above. So there will be no blog entries until I return. I hope to have lots to tell and bunches of photos to share. Talk to everyone when I get back!


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