Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Purple Martin Arrival 2009

I'ts that time of the season again.....for purple martins! They began arriving on February 21st at my colony site. This will be my 15th year as a purple martin landlord and I'm looking forward to another great year.

I'm sure there will be lots of interesting things for me to tell everyone about. Stay tuned!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jace, i just found your blog, very cool. I recently moved to Texas (NW Austin) and am an amateur naturalist myself. I found a spider yesterday that i couldn't find any reference to in Jackman--it looked like a medium-small wolf spider with a wide red stripe down the abdomen. It was a fairly bright red, like a black widow but so obviously not a black widow in terms of the body morph. Also the red stipe was on the dorsum rather than ventral side of the spider. I ran to get a camera but it was on the move and under the deck before i could snap a pic. You ever seen these before?

11:28 AM  
Blogger Jace Stansbury said...


thanx for the kudos. It sounds like what you're describing is a "red stripe" spider. ( I've also heard them called "red-spotted antmimic" ( I've come across these before in the pineywoods of SE Texas. Hope this helps!


1:11 PM  

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