Wednesday, October 11, 2006

New Species of Bird Discovered

In an unexplored mountain forest in northern Columbia a new colorful species of bird has been discovered. The red-crowned Yariguies brush-finch, named for the indigenous tribe that once lived in this area is a close relative to the yellow-breasted brush finch with the only difference being a solid black back and no white markings on its wings. I find it very exciting to know that there are still species of animals that are still yet to be discovered, but with the continuing loss of critical habitat there may be some unknown species that we may never know existed.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Saving Canada's Boreal Forests

Help save Canada's boreal forests that provide the vast areas needed by migrating birds. 30% of North America's songbirds and 40% of its waterfowl migrate here to build nests and rear their young. On the NRDC's (National Resource Defense Council) website it states that:

"Until recently the wildest stretch of the forest along the border of Manitoba and Ontario was in danger of losing these nesting grounds to new hydropower development. But in May 2005, the Manitoba government announced that it will seek alternative routes for proposed hydro transmission lines that would have cut through the forest. Yet until the government grants permanent protection to the region, the threat of transmission lines, roads, mining and logging remains."
The NRDC has joined other environmental groups in an urgent campaign to save this area. Go here to urge the Manitoba government to protect First Nations land in the boreal.

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