Monday, September 14, 2009

Abnormal Antlers

Do you notice anything peculiar about this white-tailed deer? Obviously the antler on the deer’s left side is abnormal or “stunted” in comparison to one on the right. Now look closely at the right hind quarter where you’ll notice a “lump” that appears to be some sort of injury. Well believe it or not the two are interrelated. It has been found that there is a cause and effect relationship between leg injuries and abnormal/stunted antler growth. Many hunters have reported seeing this phenomenon in the field for years. And get this- from what I’ve read the only time abnormal/stunted antler growth occurs “contra-lateral” (opposite side) to the injury is when the injury is to a rear leg as with the deer in the photograph. We’re not finished- If the injury occurs on one of the front legs the antler is abnormal/stunted on the same side as the injury. There have been studies done on this weird phenomenon and to this day it’s still not understood why this happens.

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