Sunday, November 12, 2006

Defending National Wildlife Refuges

"The first federal wildlife refuge was created by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1903. More than a century later, there are such refuges in every state of the union, encompassing nearly 100 million acres and protecting thousands of types of animals, plants, birds and fish- a wildlife conservation concept unparalleled in the world. But these vital refuges are increasingly threatened by forces beyond their borders. Since 2004, Defenders has published Refuges at Risk annually to highlight the plight of our nation's wildlife refuges. This year, the report deals exclusively with the single-greatest threat to the system: global warming. Defenders' experts have chosen 10 national wildlife refuges across the country- from Kenai and Arctic in Alaska to Merritt in Florida and Silvo Conte in Massachusetts- to illustrate the dangerous changes already occuring or on the way as a result of our changing climate. Perhaps more important, the report outlines specific actions that federal officials, legislators and ordinary citizens can take to combat this threat. Please visit to learn more and find out what you can do."
The above was taken from the Fall 2006 issue of Defenders magazine- The Conservation Magazine of Defenders of Wildlife.


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