Saturday, November 12, 2011

Random Notebook Scribblings 7

~ April 27, 2006-Sabine Pass, TX, HWY 87: about a quarter mile from Sabine Woods I found a live loggerhead shrike in the middle of the road. It must've been struck by a car as it flew low to the ground across the highway. It appeared to be stunned and didn't resist when I picked it up. I tried to get hold of a rehabber by phone, but was unsuccessful, so I placed it beneath some shrubbery hoping it would be ok.

~ "I spent a day by the river It was quiet and the wind stood still I spent some time with nature To remind me of all that's real."
Creed "Faceless Man"

~ July 1, 2006- Camp- Something travelled across the hayfield last night and left its mark in the sand at the camp's entrance. The tracks headed west down CR4850 towards the Pitcher Plant Trail. No claw marks seen (bobcat?). Measured 2 1/4" L X 1 11/16" W in soft sand. Tracks eventually veered off into the thicket.

~ July 2, 2006- Camp- Along a trail that runs parallel to the barbed wire fence along the west side of Mr. Adam's hayfield I found the remnants of a plucked bird. Collected feathers for possible ID. The feathers were on the ground scattered at the base of an oak tree leading me to the conclusion that it was either a hawk or an owl that had plucked and eaten the bird from the branches.

~ July 12, 2006- Camp. Not far from the camera site I found some bobcat and skunk tracks in a muddied area of the trail. Also found a few armadillo tracks on the trail. It should be noted that skunk tracks do not splay- the toes are partially fused (Elbroch p. 191).

~ April 24, 2006- Sabine Pass, TX- Sabine Woods. Deer flies are horrible today. I think DEET attracts them. Don't have a moments peace to observe anything but them. I would rather battle a horde of hungry mosquitoes than a single deer fly.....

~ "A pine needle fell. The eagle saw it. The deer heard it. The bear smelled it." American Indian saying.

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