Sunday, November 26, 2006


Duncan commented on the post below showing the photo of the butterflies and wanted me to tell their story. I had been walking down a dirt road in the woods one day and noticed these two different types of large swallowtails flitting about. Anxious to get a photograph I followed them. I observed they were continually following and landing near one another, and believe it or not I was able to get the lense of my camera within inches without spooking them. I find this odd because normally when I try and photograph butterflies I end up having to rely on my zoom in order to get close enough. These two seemed rather fearless of my presence. The one at the bottom is a tiger swallowtail and the darker one I'm thinking (??) is a black swallowtail. There is a palamedes swallowtail that is abundant in this area and closely resembles the black so I'm really not sure. If anyone out there is a butterfly "expert" and wishes to help me with its identification please feel free to email me. Click on the photo below for a larger view.

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