Friday, August 10, 2012

Snake- DOA

While I was "dead-heading" our rose bushes granddaughter was rummaging amongst the zinnias for bugs and other crawling things.  She’s starting to remind me of myself when I was a kid, always on the lookout for any of nature’s “offspring”.  Glad to see what I’ve been teaching her about nature is taking hold.  "Look paw paw a snake!" she said.  Sure enough there on the ground hidden in the zinnias was a rough earth snake.  A dried up, dead one that is.  No telling how it ended up in this state of demise.  Maybe a feral cat used it as a play toy until it got bored and then left it for dead.  Who knows.  Dried up or not though, at least she's gettin' the hang at spotting a snake and letting me know about it before she touches it.


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