Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Who Done It???

While walking out to check the mail I noticed a red spot on the sidewalk. I walked over to find it was a drop of blood, and not the only drop. Looking ahead I could see a trail leading underneath our house. I followed each drop in the opposite direction until I came upon the source.

There in the grass near a ditch was a pile of feathers that had been carefully plucked from a white-winged dove. Apparently one of the feral cats that roam this neighborhood pounced upon the unwary bird and it became dinner. I walked back towards the house and noticed an outside cat of ours lying on a wicker couch that resides on our front porch. We “acquired” this big tom when we returned from our evacuation stint during hurricane Ike’s rampage on the Gulf Coast. We had no idea where he came from and decided to give him something to eat. After all he survived a hurricane. And everyone knows what happens when you feed a stray cat……..it never leaves. We couldn’t help it though because he was extremely tame and very friendly, so we decided to take him in. And his name...you guessed it...Ike.

Anyway, he looked awfully pleased as he lay stretched out on the couch making me wonder if he were responsible for the pile of feathers that lay ten yards away. I checked him over looking for blood, but as most people know cats are extremely adept at keeping themselves clean, so if he was the assassin he had already gotten rid of the evidence. The only indication he presented was one of contentment.

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