Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Gray Fox Kill Site??

dove attack_kill site
My brother came across a kill site in his open garage at his camp that consisted of the remains of a dove. He figured that a neighborhood cat was the predator, but if you look at the scat that was left behind it contains fruit. Cats, whether it be a feral cat or wild cat (e.g. bobcat) normally do not have fruit in their scats.

dove attack_scat
Usually when you find a scat that contains fruit it is from a fox. The area where his camp is located is prime habitat for the gray fox and this is what I believe caught and ate the dove. The gray fox is omnivorous, meaning that it feeds on animal and vegetable foods such as fruits, rodents (voles, mice, shrews), birds, insects, eggs, rabbits, nuts, grains.


Monday, January 29, 2007


"The battle we have fought, and are still fighting for the forests is a part of the eternal conflict between right and wrong, and we cannot expect to see the end of it. ... So we must count on watching and striving for these trees, and should always be glad to find anything so surely good and noble to strive for."

~John Muir~
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