Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Dreaded Deer Fly

The deer fly- one of the most despised, annoying little creatures to ever exist on God's green earth. I would rather come to blows with a pissed off hourde of Texas-sized mosquitoes than to deal with just one of these pests. Once they find you they are persistent in their quest to sample your blood. One person was quoted as saying that "Deer flies are vicious painful biters that are relentless in their pursuit of blood to the point of a meal or death". Forgot bug repellents because they are not duped by this. I've read that those containing DEET will ward them off, but I beg to differ. I did come across an interesting product called the "Deerfly Patch". The ad says "It was discovered that deer flies typically buzz around your head in circles, lighting momentarily several times before biting. They attack moving objects from behind and high."
You place this flesh-colored patch on the back of your cap and as interested deerflies come to feast they land on its sticky surface and become trapped. There's a video showing how 21 deerflies were collected during a walk through the woods. Check it out.

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