Monday, May 12, 2014

Gray Squirrels

Grey squirrels have been an ever present resident here in our neighborhood for as long as I can remember. My wife likes watching their antics and had me put up two feeders, which she keeps stocked with raw peanuts. It didn’t take long before our local “tree rats” discovered them. 
We sit on our front porch and watch as they lift the feeder’s lid, reach inside and grab one of the nuts and either eat it right away or carry it to a more private location. They’re very protective of their food source and will chase off other squirrels who try to pilfer from them.  Sometimes the squabble gets pretty physical.
Some of the peanuts though end up buried as I have found “peanut caches” in our flower gardens and in various spot of our yard, some of which had begun to sprout.  Makes me wonder how they can remember where they put them all.
We’ll also toss leftover cornbread, biscuits or bread out for the birds, but if they see this they’ll confiscate it.   It’s kinda odd (and hilarious) seeing a squirrel darting across the yard with a biscuit in its maw.

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