Thursday, October 08, 2009

Willey Bandits

They've been called many things: ring-tailed bandits, night raiders, long-tailed bear. They're known to Mohican Inidans as sha-wee (graspers) and the Dakota-Sioux as weekah tegalega (magic one with painted face). Raccoons can be compared to your average neighborhood feral cat- curious, stealthy, and inquisitive little varmints and when food is involved they’ll do whatever it takes to get to it. And being omnivorous means they'll pretty much consume anything. They 're even aware of the feast that can be pilfered from a deer feeder. When a buddy of mine was checking his game camera he found that the on/off switch was in the “off” position. At first he thought that maybe he forgot to turn it on, but when we checked the sd card we found pictures……and the last one revealed the culprit. The incredible dexterity they have with their little hand-like paws enable them to open jars, latches, turn doorknobs, and turn off game cameras….

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