Friday, November 02, 2012

Spoon-billed Sandpiper

I read an interesting article in the Nov-Dec 2012 issue of Audubon entitled "Catching the Unicorn", by Scott Weidensaul.  It is about the rarest of the sandpipers- the spoon-billed sandpiper, a beautiful bird that could be on the brink of extinction.  Click on the link above to read this article and also watch the video below taken by Gerrit Vyn, a photographer and cinematographer for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology of wild spoonbill chicks emerging from a nest on the Russian tundra.

Some Books by Scott Weidensaul:

"Living on the Wind:  Across the Hemisphere With Migratory Birds"

"The Ghost With Trembling Wings: Science, Wishful Thinking and the Search for Lost Species"

"Of a Feather: A Brief History of American Birding"

"North American Birds of Prey"


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