Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Game Camera Setup

I finally got around to setting up my game camera and FurFindr in a wooded area near our camp. I found out about the FurFindr from The Camera Trap Codger , which is a nifty tool for attracting wildlife. The muddy trail I followed had a plethora of tracks- deer, raccoon, armadillo, rabbit, and a nice coyote trail. In the past I have also come across bobcat tracks here. One of the coyote tracks was perfectly placed and I couldn't pass up the opportunity of casting it in plaster.It took me about 20 minutes to walk to the spot I had selected and once I got there I began setting things up. I strapped the camera to a pine tree about 3 foot off of the ground and set up the furfindr directly in front of it about 10 foot away and covered it with brush. After dark it will send a rabbit squeal through the forest every 30 seconds, an eerie sound to say the least. In between was an old rotted log in which I spritzed fox urine on to try and mask my scent and also act as another attractant. Also a water source was nearby which would be another draw for animals. I plan on leaving the setup out there for a week and hope to return and find some nice photos. I'll be sure and keep everyone updated.

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